Eli Lilly Zyprexa criminal investigation concludes with the largest criminal fine ever imposed by the U.S. on an individual company

St. Petersburg Times Reporter, Rob Farley, on Zyprexa

Zyprexa Drug Rep

Florida Kids on Antipsychotics





Sen. Grassley

#1 Too many kids on meds? 

   #2 Too many kids on meds? 

  #3 Too many kids on meds? 

Shrink Should be Criminally Charged

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  1. This is extremely unbelievable and frustrating to know that the power of the pen can ruin so, so many young lives. The trust that the parent puts into the doctors treating our children is so sad. This needs to stop immediately and we need to nourish our children with good wholesome food and care that they so righteously deserve. Wake up people, put the pills down and look at this with your eyes wide open!

  2. Erika Villinger

    My son died on May 10, 2008 at 37 after having taken zyprexa for several years. Zyprexa has caused his obesity and his heart became hugely enlarged trying to manage the body. The heart, in fact, became so enlarged that it caused his lungs to collapse. The heart was pressing on the lungs and the lungs were unable to obtain enough oxygen. I don’t understand why the FDA is still allowing Eli Lilly to market this deadly medication after tens of thousands of lawsuits. Children and young people are dying as a result of GREED !!! Physicians are also to blame because some of them don’t know what they are prescribing and some of them turn a blind eye due to their GREED !!! They will burn in hell.

  3. Erika Villinger

    Zyprexa’s is a deadly poison. The medication is worse than the illness itself, and I know what I am saying here because I have lived with my son and his schizophrenia for 20 years. When Zyprexa was prescribed for my son it was hailed as a sort of wonderdrug, but not long afterwards it reared its head as the evil that it actually is, destroying lives by adding incredible life-long illnesses such as diabetes, pancreatitis, extreme weight gain, heart failure and causing death. The Internet is filled with descriptions of lawsuits and the pictures of dead young people can be seen. This medication caused my son to gain 285 lbs since 1996 when this evil was introduced to us. I am adding my name to a class-action lawsuit against Eli Lilly. I will be searching out other Zyprexa users who suffered injury to add them to the lawsuite. Those evildoers for profit will not get away with it. Greed, greed, greed by big pharma and physicians turning a blind eye or their palms are being greased. My outrage has no end!! And my crucade has just begun!!

  4. Ellie L 123

    Erika, my heart goes out to you. I lost my beloved son in 2002 – Lilly denying diabetes; the doctor and the FDA saying nothing. We had never heard of profound hyperglycemia, and my heart will never heal.

    I hope that you will get in touch with me. I have two other families who also lost their only sons to Zyprexa, and we support each other. There is no justice for us, no recognition, no memorial, none. Nothing from Congress or any other branch of the federal government. We are alone with our grief, while Eli Lilly sits and counts its cash. 1.4 billion is chump change to them – they had it figured in their budget as the price of doing business. There are no ethics left in this or any other business.

  5. Mary

    Really, we have to stop giving our kids over to these so called self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who are expert only at deceiving us into believing they can actually help us. There is no good reason to take advantage of a situation, similar to a wild animal in the forest who sees another animal that has been weakened and slow and therefore is ripe for the kill.

    As a human you hit a bump in the road of life and there is someone standing in the shadows watching and convincing you they can help you. “I will give you something for that.” Thus we are given a magic pill that will take all our problems away, not much different from an alcoholic drink or a marijuana joint. Of course when you fill your medicine cabinet with these pills you look to others to be justified and legal but your children secretly feel betrayed and angry as that parent is not really there for them, does not have the strength they need to depend on. They see a weak and dependent parent. Should we not want better than that for our kids?

  6. Erika Villinger

    Hi Mary,
    Your comments are right. Only after my son passed away did I start my research even though I had grave suspicions towards the hospitals and his physicians for a long time as I watched my son being poisoned. I did not know where to turn for some real help because this illness incapacitated me too, watching helplessly my son’s life being robbed pill by pill until suddenly it’s too late! I also filed a formal complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons against my son’s physician for lack of proper care. My rage has no end.

    • yvonne

      Becoming an advocate on behalf of your son is a good way to vent your anger. I am angry also for how they took advantage of you and your son for money. It is life they should value the individual these doctors don’t care they just care about their wallets. I know it is hard to forgive especially these so called doctors but you need to release the pain or you will start to stop living yourself forgiving is not for the doctor but for yourself. So keep advocating and telling people about the dangers of these doctors. Your saving many more lives. I am grateful for you speaking up against them.
      Peace and Love


      • Erika Villinger

        Thank you, Yvonne. 5 years after your post I can read it again. Can say, I don’t hurt as much (after 7 years of letting my son go), but I am speaking out about these quacks and their quackery every chance I get. I mourn for our young people whose lives are stolen from them by making them incompetent of independent life by antipsychotic medication. IT IS THE MEDICATION which makes them incompetent for life. A mother is at a loss when she trusts so-called “doctors”. I wrote to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and asked for my son’s “doctor”s’ using the term loosely) investigation. After 2 years of investigation they decided that the “doctor” did nothing wrong! when clearly he openly showed lack of care over the 10 years of “caring” for my son! You walk in the door, and all he can do is to prescribe medication. 5 minutes in and out! Take care, Yvonne.
        Erika Villinger

  7. Erika Villinger

    Hi Ellie 123,
    Thank you for your comments. A mother’s wound from losing her only child due to big pharma greed will NEVER heal. I shall shout my accusations against Eli Lilly and their lacky physicians from the roofs and hilltops. I am planning to make a movie or video about my son’s life, and how antipsychotics have stolen his promising future. In due course I plan to send articles to newspapers (perhaps they will get published) as well as other things. Please email me at I would like to stay in touch.

  8. Erika Villinger

    Hi Ellie 123,
    There is an underscore between erika and vill in my email address.

  9. Erika Villinger

    Hi Ellie 123,
    I feel for you and your loss. It is unnatural for a mother to see her child die. Part of you also dies. For the longest time I could not say the “d” word; my son just went away for awhile until I see him again. However, I pass the days in the knowledge that he is in a better place now away from these criminals who FEED on the unhappiness of others. Murderers, the lot of them. Judgement day is surely coming.

  10. Hello,
    I am so sorry you lost your son. There are so many families who have lost someone due to the pharmaceutical rackets and pure quackery. None of them will tell you that these “neuroleptics” are deadly and super dangerous for children or adults. My son was on Zyprexa and gained too much weight and his thought process was damaged. He lives with us and can function on a lower level than he use to function on. Besides Zyprexa they forced him with Haldol, Mellaril, Depakote, Serentil, Seroquel, Ativan, Buspar, Paxil, Prozac, Serzone, Trilifon and many other poisonous cocktails of mind altering chemicals. Even the Veteranarian’s cannot use these drugs on animals for any length of time but the quacks try to force humans to take these for life. They watch as your child starts to pace uncontrollably, wet to bed, become violent and aggressive, rock in place, eat food and spit it out and many other dirty side effects they call “Mentally Ill” not drug induced psychosis or Tardive Dyskinesia. All the drugs are poisons and there is no one who can tell me anything else. We have lost so many and the drug farming must stop! From the day care facilities to the elderly facilities drugs are the ONLY form or so-called “treatment”. Who could even consider drawing pictures or coloring with crayons “treatment”! These drug pushers must be stopped!!!!!

  11. Raj

    My wife is on Zyprexa for about 5 years now20 mg..then 10 mg…used to be skinny…now on overweight side…am really worried about her……is there any alternative to Zyprexa??Whenever we try her getting off it…she cant sleep….please help if you know of something….have a young kid….who was a baby when she started on Zyprexa….was a terrible situation….got better with Zyprexa….but now Zyprexa and it’s side affects are worrying me….

    • John

      Hi Raj
      This may be too late for you – but anyway .
      I was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 2 years back and forcibly treated with Zyprexa.After 2 years I tried ti withdraw from zyprexa but the insomnia was terrible.I couldnt sleep even a wink for days on end.Then I found a wsebsite which supports people trying to withdraw from some drugs.The site is
      Following their suggestion I weaned myself away from zyprexa very slowly cutting the dosage ever so slightly.Even with this approach I suffered from insomnia.So I managed to withdraw from zyprexa in about 6 months.I have been off the drug for about 2 months now.Even now I only sleep 4-5 hours a day- It will take a while to mend my brain.
      Hope your wife will be able to withdraw gradually-
      good luck

  12. Kaden

    I have been on these drugs for almost a year. It damaged my thought process so I don’t have thoughts anymore. It made me unable to make decisions for myself and function on a much lower level than I used to function on. Too many people stand idly by thinking that these “experts” know everything when in fact, I, a 22 year old know more than my doctor about what these medications do to people and he doesn’t want to admit it. It’s easy to get out of the system if you live on your own but I live with my dad who just thinks the medication is helping me. That’s what the doctor’s tell everyone when in fact, MEDS DEHUMANIZE AND KILL YOU. Think what you want about them but I have taken them and my quality of life as a result went way down. I was self loathing, stoped caring about how I looked, could not communicate well or at all, and I felt no emotions. I hate Big Pharma and psychiatrists more so. They want to fill their pockets with money for poisening people with drugs. It’s time for this to stop. I am afraid to speak out and be labeled as crazy by psychiatrists and put away for a long time against my will for commiting no crime which has happened before. Please all loving parents watch ‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death on you tube. Once you know the history and purpose of psychiatry you will be living in reality. They don’t want me to reproduce and have kids, they want to control you and have power over your life. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  13. Terry Walker

    I was on paxil (paroxetine) similar to prozac
    (Fluoxetine) 1 year July 2001 to July 2002 I
    still suffer from severe neuroleptic pain; that’s
    why they call it neuroleptic malignant syndrome
    my health records show malignant neoplasms
    brain if I know this so does big Pharma and
    American colonial governments. I lost my
    Aunt to Zyprexa and my sister to a similar gambit
    of drugs that killed Heath Ledger.

  14. Waow loved reading your article. I added your feed to my reader.

  15. Terry Walker

    Ontario Superior Court of Justice;

    Terry L. Walker and Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, Lorne Andrew Tugg M.D, and
    Thea Marie Weisdorf M.D.

    I have copies of all unredacted material (which is material removed from the file); I contacted Peter Breggin at the outset of my battle.

    My next step is the Ombudsman, having dementia and being a member of 4 choirs it never gets done.

    Helping me disclose how the lawyer, government, courts use curial defference (which means the previous examiners did there job), would give no financial benefit to anyone. Although I might get the insurance my previous employer would have been liable for, as I was put on paxil because of mistreatment at work.

    We need neuroleptic malignant syndrome-catatonia recognize before children commit suicide or murder.

    I volunteered to take a new product on the market that would keep me calm in dealing with mistreatment by supervisors; it did the exact opposite.

    Terry Lawrence Walker BBA, Certificate in Computer Studies.

  16. James Collins

    February ninth I had Narcoleptic Malignant Syndrome. II survived after spending seven days unconscious, a fever of 106 degrees and fever and month in intensive care. My muscle enzymes elevated to 53,000.

    I still can’t walk without a walker and I talk kind funny. I would like to know if anyone else has similar experience.

    I turned 72 while I was in ICU. According to the tests they administered to me, I have no other lingering damage from the experience and all cognitive functions are normal. But muscles throughout my body aren’t working right, affecting my walking, use of hands for guitar playing, typing etc. are severely affected.

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