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State investigator fired for talking to the press

Philadelphia Daily News


State Inspector General Donald L. Patterson has fired one of his investigators for talking to the media about corruption within the inspector general’s office.

Allen L. Jones, 49, learned he was fired Monday when he received a letter at his home saying his termination was retroactive to the previous Friday.

“Being fired is a frightening and humiliating experience,” Jones said yesterday . “Even so I would endure it many times over before leaving my integrity at the office door.”

Don Bailey, Jones’ attorney, said his client did nothing wrong.

“He’s been dismissed because he supposedly violated a media policy that is unconstitutional and under circumstances where, even if it were constitutional, they don’t apply to him,” he said.

Bailey has already filed two civil suits against employees with the inspector general’s office on Jones’ behalf. Another investigator, Dwight McKee, is a co-plaintiff on the first suit. Both Jones and McKee allege that the agency retaliated against them for trying to expose corruption within other government agencies. Jones spoke to The New York Times and other publications about his probe into pharmaceutical companies’ improper honorariums to key government officials involved in deciding which drugs were prescribed in state-run prisons and mental hospitals…


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