Drugs ‘kill 23,000 Alzheimer’s victims a year’


By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent

More than 23,000 elderly people with Alzheimer’s could be dying prematurely in care homes each year after being given drugs to keep them quiet, a report claims today.

Anti-psychotic drugs, which are not licensed to treat dementia but are prescribed to control agitation, sleep disturbance and aggression, are being given to 100,000 elderly people to keep them “quiet and manageable”, says a report by Paul Burstow, the Liberal Democrat MP and a campaigner for the rights of elderly people.

Despite studies that show the drugs can increase the risk of strokes and have other harmful side effects, the report claims the Government has failed to act to stem their use…



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3 responses to “Drugs ‘kill 23,000 Alzheimer’s victims a year’

  1. Glenn Miller

    The same depraved “treatment” is being given to the elderly in Canada and in the same numbers. The nursing homes are all for it–it keeps their patients quiet and the homes can operate with fewer staff; hence, bigger profits. The governments of our country and yours know about it but will do nothing, simply because not enough people demand an end to it. It’s up to all of us to shout loud and long until we finally get some action.

  2. Kevin

    The truth is these “medicines” are poisons. They are for the benifit of the “doctor” to claim the patient has “improved”

    If you put a “psychotic” patient into a coma, he will no longer have any positive symptoms. Thus according to these doctors he will be “improved”

  3. Carolyn Meece

    For any psychiatrist to cater to an abuser, one into criminal activity, or who concocts stories and demands to force feed the evil killer psychiatric drugs to a hostage is clearly a “conflict of interest”. The lie to the insurance companies about what actually took place in reality. The hostage is not given his/her “Due Process” Rights, the right to present his/her defense, or to have any witnesses in his/her favor. It is all about extortion thousands and thousands of dollars from insurance companies and the hostage if he/she is dumb enough to pay for the fraud. It is about brainwashing the hostage into believing their concocted story and the false belief that he/she has a fake illness. If the hostage tries to seek outside help they drug the hostage to the knockout stage. It is cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment and punishment, abuse and forms of torture. Psychiatrists, Gestapo, corrupt officials, abusers, courts, etc. are not allowed to operate outside the law. I feel that forced drugging amounts to
    “Assault and Battery” with a deadly weapon. It is certainly criminal conspiracy aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment. They are not only into violence but the promote violence. They thrive on fear, terror, and violence. The corrupt psychiatrists try to tell the hostage that the abusers and those who “CRY_WOLF” that he/she can do what they want to us and there is nothing that we can do about it. They feel they can destroy Birthdays, Holidays, the repeat of the same month same day different year involved in some way, the number 13 involved in some way. Where ever the crises takes place that is where they want someone silenced. No matter if they have to commit criminal activity or concoct stories the corrupt and abusive feel they are free to use mental health as a false front and the psychiatric drugs for false purposes. I understand that swimming pools can be used for water torture. As they throw their tantrums, rage, seek revenge, rant on and on with their incoherent ramblings they all act like children. I understand that the boss gets mad if the beds are not filled. Much of psychiatry is a pseudo-science and they suffer from “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy”. They have a deep sick need to keep the hostage a slave to the evil industry against his/her will and the law and to keep his/her life in a state of chaos. One cannot go AWOL and they do not own people’s, their lives, minds, and souls. It is illegal to demand to talk a person into killing himself/herself or to demand that they do so. There is nothing legal about “Suicidal Programming”. They are into “Obstruction of Justice”, “Accessory After The Fact”, and “Aiding and Abetting”. All the money in the world is not enough because the illness does not belong to the hostage.
    As one therapist said to me last weekend “Some people just don’t want any help.” No has to support a pack of lies or concocted stories or be everyone’s scapegoat. What takes place in the so-called mental health industry amounts to “Identity Theft”.

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