Defense opens in Zyprexa trial

Anchorage Daily News


In an Alaska courtroom, drug maker Eli Lilly is finally getting to defend itself against accusations that it failed to warn doctors and patients of health problems from its best-seller, Zyprexa.

The judge suggested Lilly has its work cut out for it.

Without lawsuits like the one the State of Alaska brought against Lilly, claims that drugs cause health problems “might well go unaddressed,” Anchorage Superior Court Judge Mark Rindner said from the bench this week.

The jury was out of the room. The state had just rested. Lilly asked the judge to issue an immediate verdict in its favor, a routine step at that point in a trial.

Rindner was reacting to an assertion by Lilly lawyer George Lehner that drug regulation is a matter for the federal Food and Drug Administration, not any state. Alaska’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act shouldn’t apply to drugs, Lehner told the judge.

Rindner disagreed. Evidence presented by the state over the past two weeks established that the FDA “isn’t capable of policing this matter,” he said.

Jurors have been hearing testimony since March 6 about Zyprexa, used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

The state is suing for hundreds of millions of dollars to cover costs to Medicaid for treating what it says are Zyprexa-related health problems including weight gain, high blood sugar and diabetes…



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5 responses to “Defense opens in Zyprexa trial

  1. Ellen Liversidge

    Google Evelyn Pringle and find the article on Medguides, supposedly printed out to give extra warning to drugs with extra risks. See what it says about Zyprexa medguides. There aren’t any and still aren’t any, nor are there any for any other atypicals. Shouldn’t Lilly have pushed for this drug safety document? It appears that others have pushed harder and gotten Medguides for their dangerous class of drugs. Examples: SSRIs – many consumers who lost family members. Accutane – Rep. Bart Stupak, who lost his son to suicide while using Accutane. Quite obviously the drug companies and FDA sit silently unless an influential person or noisy group makes an issue of it.

  2. Joseph A. Mungai

    If nurses, social workers and psychologists encourage patients to take psychotropics, can they be held legally responsible for the adverse effects like diabetes, suicides and homicides now that this info is common knowledge?

  3. I reject the notion that “this info is common knowledge” to the average person. It is far from commonly known.

    If you mean “common knowledge” to the group of persons known as “Doctors,” then certainly they
    would be legally responsible to show great care in both prescribing the drug and in giving warnings clearly to patients.

    Failing to show proper care and give proper warnings about such a dangerous medication should result in legal action being taken against those given responsibility for the use of the medication.

  4. J S Via

    We are undergoing the hopeful phasing out of a dark age of ignorance about the human mind by which giant drug companies push deadly poisons on the entire human race. There should be a new category of crime for these companies: “Mankind Slaughter”. As the media is beginning to smell the rat by stating that these drugs simply don’t work – placebos even do better! – this phase of false and destructive profiteering will hopefully come to its rightful end. Far more important than the fact that these drugs are criminally sold off-label, they should be banned utterly and their companies held accountable for fraud and outright murder.

  5. Ginger Ferrer

    The F.D.A. over the decades appears to pick and choose that which they will endorse as safe or acceptable to human beings and inflict that which is not.

    Their history is replete with misjudgements or false representation of one drug or another. Also, treatments that would just about wipe out a cancer or a related type of deadly disease. One should check into a book called:

    The Cancer Cure That Worked. by Barry Lynes.

    I read this book and was blown away by the fact that the F.D.A., pharmaceutical companies, The American Cancer Society itself and other governing bodies of this country have all conspired to keep this information from the American and world public.

    There has been a cure for Cancer since the 1930’s. Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, but suppressed by our trusted bodies of officials as listed above. This book was banned in the United States. Censorship. Not supposed to be allowed in this country. A violation of our Constitutional Rights.

    The name of the game is control and the bottom line of money making propositions. Since there is such a large membership within these issues, much money must be laid out to keep the suppression going. The non-disclosures, the untruths. Out and out perjured references that later claim the lives of so many and disable even more.

    The F.D.A. is not a trustworthy federal organization. They approved ASPARATAME. Not a medication, but certainly a substance that has caused illness and even death in the disguise of sugar substitute. And the beat goes on!!!

    Ginger Ferrer

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