Antipsychotic drugs are doing harm

The Register Guard (Eugene, Oregon)

By Chuck Areford

It is essential to note at the outset that suddenly stopping or reducing psychiatric medications can be hazardous. Adjustments in medication are best done under the supervision of a medical professional.

In the early 1990s, a new class of drugs promised to revolutionize the treatment of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. Known as atypical antipsychotics, drugs such as Clozaril, Zyprexa and Risperdal largely replaced older medications such as Thorazine, Haldol and Prolixin. Research and advertising sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry led to the widespread belief that the newer medications were indisputably safer, more effective and well worth additional billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Pharmaceutical profits soared.

Since then, the life expectancy of those treated in community mental health centers has plunged to an appalling 25 years less than average. Life expectancy may have fallen by as much as 15 years since 1986. Indications are that the death rate continues to accelerate in what must be ranked as one of the worst public health disasters in U.S. history.

The toxicity of antipsychotic medications, also known as neuroleptics, is thoroughly documented. Atypical antipsychotics initially seemed less hazardous because they produce fewer movement disorders. We now know that the newer drugs lead to more cardiovascular disease, which is by far the leading killer of those in the public mental health system…



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3 responses to “Antipsychotic drugs are doing harm

  1. Inheirant in our resposibility, in these days we cannot trust a dr, who has no more schooling after graduation, except throught drug companies efforts, and trust their drug reps to keep them informed. Here we have 2 people whose livelyhood depends on that dr writing a prescription to citizen. That makes the drug company in effect a cartel and the dr a licensed “pusher”. When more money is spent on advertising, When the best show wins the FDA’s approval for a drug, not the best product, then modern medicine, is clearly not in our best interest and needs a total revamp.
    I bought the diagnosis of mental illness in 93, instead of impowereing myself, trusting a dr the system, my immediate family, then the law, and all failed me miseribly. Zyprexa was just one of the many drugs hand to me, by a quack, who after my huge weight gain, hen gave me Tompomax, which threw me for a loop, dehydrated and many life altering events.
    But it did scare me straight and I enjoy a hard faught recovery, from something that was most likely oversensitivity, poor diet, childhood molestion,vaccines, childhood infections, society, ect. IT IS PAST TIME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY, TO STOP THIS MADNESS.


  2. Gary Brown

    Chuck Areford’s article is in the A+ category of concise and coherent statements of the situation vis-a-vis the psychiatric profession, Big Pharma, the medical community, regulatory and administrative agencies, and the citizens of these United States of America.

    The factors and dynamics he describes as applying to the antipsychotics are analogous to those involving the antidepressants.

    There is much too account for: the toll of death and misery, the descent into a jungle of never-ending cocktails of multiple psychotropics — each trying to suppress the symptoms of the other and the original one administered to suppress the symptoms of something the doctor thought he could do nothing about but suppress.

    “Nanny 911” apparently understands crazy kids better than any of the professionals who would rush to be the first to slap a “bi-polar mania” tag on 4-year-olds, guaranteeing a cut of the Zyprexa tab (and any other necessary add-ons to handle side-effects) that is likely to last for many, many, many years when you can get them that young.

    As much as I admire the skill and power of Big Pharma’s PR machine and their mastery at coopting the hearts and minds of the medical community and the political process, I would be glad to forego that entertainment for something more healthful to the country and all its citizens.

    Specifically, it is time to pierce the veil of corporate anonimity. It is time to identify individuals up and down the ladder of deceit, including in our regulatory agencies, prosecute them criminally and send them to jail.

    Big Pharma has quite enough money to do the lawsuits and laugh. Let’s see if their malefactors can do the time and laugh.

    The truth and real justice would probably make a lot of people feel better. I suggest that it’s time for the ones who have had a bad taste in their mouth for some time to turn themselves into their local District Attorney or FBI office with boxes of documents and a list of names. Heck, you could be a damn hero, get off light, and walk away with your head high, your integrity, your self-respect, your soul and your smile back in place.

    It’s a beautiful thing.

    Gary Brown

  3. Was put on zyprexa and got gynecomastia where male grows, painfully, female breast tissue. Public psychiatrist in Western Australia refused to lower the dosage, so I had no choice but to flee as I was an involuntary patient legally having no rights. My retired father spent $5000 he could not afford keeping my apartment lease going when I stayed at travel hostels in the SW of Australia for six months. Eventually I returned and was put in locked ward of mental hospital and given such a large dosage of neuroleptics in there (as ‘revenge’) both oral and daily injection that I lost consciousness several times. Fortunately a Sri Lankan and female American psychiatrists handled my case (not an inhuman local) and freed me from home surveillance by psychiatric nurses (one whom after being told to ‘Fuck Off’ by me when they visited unannounced, had police sledgehammer my door down, pepper spray and handcuff me, and I was put on zyprexa in the looney bin) and I was put on a depot injection of Fluphentixil reduced to 20 mg over the past 5 years. Now as a result I cannot manifest any sexual discharge from my testes. I am doing p/t mature age (56 yrs old and receiving involuntary psychiatric treatment as long haired anti-establishment Counter Culture follower for the past 28 yrs — half my life!!) university studies despite them increasing the neuroleptic dosage to ridiculous highs when I first began study. How can I tell if I have had any brain damage?
    Chris Grant.

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