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Eli Lilly to bolster Zyprexa warning – Drug’s label will emphasize blood sugar, weight risks

The Indianapolis Star


After batting down criticism for years that it underplayed the risks of its blockbuster antipsychotic drug Zyprexa, Eli Lilly and Co.  is beefing up the drug’s label to add stronger language concerning weight gain and elevated blood sugar.

Some critics chided the Indianapolis drug maker for waiting so long to take such steps. One analyst said the move might encourage more legal claims against the company.

Lilly said Friday it is taking the steps after reviewing more data from internal tests and major outside studies. The company said it will display the information prominently in the warning section of the label, rather than lower, where it might be missed.

“Now it will be closer to the front of the label and provide a more prominent information point for physicians,” said Lilly spokeswoman Marni Lemons.

Lilly also acknowledged, in a letter to doctors, that Zyprexa is more likely to raise blood-sugar levels than competing drugs…


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